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Frequently Asked Questions

Dark mold spots have begun to develop in the grout lines in my shower. I have tried several cleaners that do not work. What do you have?
#602 Tile Clean will not only clean the mold stains from your grout, but will also remove soap scum and water spots from your tile. If the mold stains are stubborn, use #293 Shower Track & Grout Brush to help remove the stains.
Do you have a tool that helps with tile & grout mildew?
#293 Shower Track and Grout Brush is the perfect tool for you. This thin brush fits neatly into grout areas and its stiff bristles make the scrubbing easy. The 90° trim makes it easy to get into corners and around faucets easy. The brush also fits into your shower track.
I have a hard time reaching into the shower to clean it. As I get older, it is harder to clean. What do you have that will make this job easier?
I would recommend to use our #204808 Tub & Shower E-Z Scrubber just for this purpose. It has an adjustable Telescopic Threaded Steel Handle which adjusts to any length from 29” to 52” and allows you to reach all high and low surfaces while standing in an upright position. Resilient, chemical resistant polyester bristles are flared on the ends to reach easily into the corners. No more stretching or bending to achieve a sparkling clean tub and shower.
What product do you have to help me eliminate stubborn mildew stains from my ceramic tile?
Our #A3389 Mildew Stain Remover Concentrate is all that you need to remove the mildew stains. Simply squirt a small amount of Mildew Stain Remover on tile, wait 1 or 2 minutes, and rinse. Its nonabrasive formula cleans to a sparkling shine in one easy step. One bottle will make 5 - 16 oz. Stanley Pump Spray Bottles.
I have hard water, which is staining my toilet. Please help.
I would recommend #619 Extra-Strength Bowl Cleaner. Make sure to lower the water level in your toilet, or remove it completely. Pour the thick gel directly onto the stained areas and allow to sit for 10 minutes. Then use #386 Bent-Tip Bowl Brush or #178 Toilet Bowl Swab to scrub the surface. Flush to rinse surface. If stains are severe, please repeat process.
I have used several bowl brushes to clean my toilet, but I cannot reach deep into the throat of the bowl to get that area clean. Do you have any suggestions?
I would recommend the #390 Slender Bowl Brush. The narrow brush head will easily reach into the drain of the bowl. The stiff polyester bristles will scrub away tough stains without scratching the surface. Be sure to use with our #619 Extra-Strength Bowl Cleaner to combat grime and residue buildup.
I just hate cleaning the shower. Hopefully you have a product that will keep my shower cleaner longer.
Our #687 Fullguard Easy Shower Spray is the perfect product for you. You will have to clean your shower thoroughly to start with, then just keep a bottle in the shower and spray the walls after every shower. Don't forget to use it on the fixtures, shower doors, and curtains as well. No rinsing, wiping or scrubbing is required. Daily use of this product will keep soap scum from building up on your shower surfaces.
I live in the country and we have extremely hard water. Lime and rust build up on my bathroom surfaces and I am having trouble finding something that will remove these stains easily.
You will be able to watch those rust and lime stains disappear before your eyes with our #674 Dissolve Bathroom Cleaner. This industrial strength formula will remove those unsightly stains quickly and easily. Apply the thick gel to the surface, let it set for approximately 5 minutes, and use a #293 Shower Track & Grout Brush to help scrub the surface clean. If the stains have been there for several years, it may take a separate application to remove completely.
I recently purchased an inexpensive bowl brush at a local grocery store. After about a month, the bristles flattened and the wire rusted. What do you have that would last longer?
I would recommend our #386 Bent-Tip Bowl Brush. The stiff bristles are made of polyester, which keeps its shape especially in water. The wire which holds the bristle is coated with vinyl to prevent rusting. This brush should last for years.
My daughter has long hair and it seems the bathroom drains are always clogged with hair. Do you have a recommended tool?
#330 Drain Cleaner Brush is the answer to your problem. Simply insert the brush into the sink or shower drain, twist the brush in a circular motion, and pull to remove. You will be amazed at how much hair you pull out of the drain.
One of my worst cleaning jobs is keeping the shower free of soap scum and hard water stains. Do you have anything that will keep shower surfaces cleaner longer?
#780 Bath Clean not only quickly foams away and dissolves tough soap scum and hard water stains, but it leaves a protective barrier of Grime Guard on the surface. Grime Guard leaves an invisible shield that keeps surfaces cleaner longer, making it easier so that you don't have to clean as often. Also try our #A3973 Grime Guard Bathroom Cleaner. This powerful formula works effectively to keep your shower cleaner longer.
We have tumbled marble tiles in our bath and shower, on both the floors and walls. We have a combination of hard water deposits and soap scum. I know that we can't use just any cleaner. What do you recommend?
Our #780 Bath Clean was specifically designed for soap scum and hard water stains. Once applied, let the Bath Clean sit for several minutes to allow it to penetrate the problem areas. You can also check out our Bath Clean video demonstration for more specific instructions.
When using my bowl brush to clean the toilet, it seems to splatter water outside the bowl during use. What would you recommend?
I would recommend #178 Toilet Bowl Swab. The polyester yarn in the Toilet Bowl Swab head not only is a great applicator for our #619 Extra-Strength Bowl Cleaner, but it is also very absorbent and holds onto the water instead of splattering it outside the bowl. The wringer cup squeezes out the excess water and can be used to stand the swab up behind the toilet for storage. The best thing is your hands never touch dirty water.